You Can Help!

Life Builders Ministries International represents a unique opportunity for you to be directly involved in a grassroots effort to address the HIV/AIDS crisis in Nigeria.

Because Life Builders International relies on a strategy of mobilizing the Christian church inside Nigeria and harnessing the energy and creativity of Africans, a large, cumbersome organization is not necessary to impart direct and immediate action on the ground in Nigeria.

Emmanuel and Blessing Ogunyemi, co-founders of Life Builders, are Nigerians with over twenty years of ministry in Nigeria. They have developed a wide network of church leaders who trust their leadership. They bring true credibility and confidence to this ministry. Their ability to impart change in Nigeria is magnified by their skills/experience as indigenes and the strength of reputation that they have developed throughout the church.  

We invite you to become a part of a healing ministry in Nigeria that will directly provide for children who are in need and those who have been orphaned or left homeless as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and to sponsor much needed education and awareness to redirect people's beliefs about the virus and the disease.

In this small but significant way, we can begin to impart change and to provide opportunities for those who otherwise have been lost. Please consider becoming a partner in this exciting and worthy initiative.

In this section of our website you will find many ways to use your gifts to minister to the needs of our brothers and sisters in Africa. The catalog outlines both ongoing opportunities to help LBMI sustain its work, and specifically-focused projects that target immediate needs of the people we serve. Each gift ministers to the soul and body of the recipients. Please prayerfully consider what God may lead you to do for one of the "least of these" (Matthew 25:40).

  • One time gifts to help with the set-up and legal fees required to start our Motherless Babies Home for the purpose of international adoption in Nigeria.
  • Individual child sponsorships to provide holistic care of AIDS orphans and homeless children and connecting them with new Nigerian families. We have over 40 orphans and homeless children in need of sponsors now. Your gift of $45 per month for an elementary school child or $60 per month for a high school child can help give education, health, food, life, spiritual nurture and hope to an orphan or homeless child.
  • Education grants of various sizes can be given to help organize AIDS conferences all over the country.
  • We also need grants to purchase and produce materials, visual aids, and other advertising needed to educate Nigerians about how AIDS is spread.
  • Larger grants are needed to begin developing the acquired land in Nigeria to house, care for, and to educate the large numbers of AIDS orphans and homeless children that are too many to be assimilated into Christian families.
  • Staff salaries and monthly support for our AIDS educators and youth volunteers.