Why Nigeria?

Nigeria has the Largest African population – 140 million people

1/5 of the total African population reside in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria – 5th largest city in the world – over 12 million people

The highest number of people living with AIDS in Africa reside in Lagos, Nigeria 

6% of Nigerians are infected with HIV/AIDS

  • 65% infection through sex, both marital and pre-marital

  • 20% through poor medical facilities, blood transfusion, use of unspecialized syringes, razor objects, etc.

  • 7.5% through ignorance

  • 7.5% through cultural practices: female circumcision, tribal marks, etc

As a result, there are an estimated 2 million Nigerian orphans and homeless children

The number of AIDS orphans and homeless children in Lagos is more than the number of orphans and homeless children in Kenya or the entire Southern Africa