Working with Local Churches

We seek to be Christ's hands and feet in this world. The Church is uniquely equipped in these ways to step out and reach out in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa:

  • The Church is called and commissioned by God to love and preach the whole Gospel of redemption

  • The Church has a singularly extensive network of volunteers, resources and facilities

  • The Church has the moral authority to teach and model responsible behavior and compassion

  • The Church of Jesus Christ is eternal

  • The Church has greater grassroots coverage than any other organization in the world

Unfortunately, the prevailing theological perspective in Nigeria on the AIDS epidemic regards its victims as "them," not "us." Christians must learn to view poverty, sickness and human suffering through God's eyes. The good news we are called to preach as Christ's Church does not exclude those who live with AIDS. We must see those living with AIDS as created in the image of God like any one of us and as people who deserve our love and care! They are the people that Jesus came and died for!!