Life Builders exists to mobilize and equip religious and community leaders to respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis and other poverty related issues in their communities. Specifically, we work with the Nigerian church and community leaders to engage Christian ministry in a holistic way by ministering to the WHOLE person with the WHOLE Gospel. 


The vision of Life Builders Ministries International is to see a truly transformed African society where people are freed from the scourge of AIDS, poverty and other socio-economic challenges, through the ministry of the church. 

The goal of every Christian ministry is to help people develop their full potential in all four areas of development: physical, spiritual, intellectual and relational. As stated in Luke 4:52, Jesus grew (developed) in wisdom (intellectual), and in stature (physical), and in favor (relational) with men and with God (spiritual).

Just as Nehemiah received the call or vision to build the wall of Jerusalem in his time (Nehemiah 1-2), we have been called by God to help build lives that have been ruined by sin and societal evils (HIV/AIDS, Poverty, etc), all for the glory of God!


Our Track Record:

Started in 2001 with a successful track record of helping over 100 low-income families get access to housing in Lagos through our Christian Community Housing Project

  • More than 85 people including widows are already benefiting from our low income revolving loan scheme

  • Over 140 orphans and homeless children are currently receiving care and support through our home-based orphanage and homeless children program, which could expand to 500 or more

  • More than 200 students currently attending Life Builders Christian Academy

  • Serving a community of 35,000 in our Life Builders Clinic

  • Publishing research findings on HIV/AIDS in Africa

  • Conducting conferences all over the country among religious leaders on how to respond to the AIDS crisis and other poverty-related issues in Nigeria

  • Partnering with other governmental and non-governmental agencies to address HIV/AIDS, Malaria, poverty, and other socio-economic and moral issues with the power of the gospel

  • Empowering jobless youths through our Youth Entrepreneur Education scheme

By harnessing the resources and talents of community leaders and the churches within Nigeria, Life Builders Ministries has set two goals:

  1. To address the crisis of HIV/AIDS orphans and homeless children in Nigeria

  2. To improve the HIV/AIDS education of the general public

We are working with other relevant agencies to also address the socio-economic factors that have accelerated the spread of HIV/AIDS and which affect the total well-being of the African people.

It is our belief that IF the three important segments of the African society - the faith community, the government and the private sectors - would work harmoniously, we can STOP the further spread of this NUMBER ONE KILLER in Africa and give HOPE to this great continent.