Life Builders exists to mobilize and equip religious and community leaders to respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis and other poverty related issues in their communities. Specifically, we work with the Nigerian church and community leaders to engage Christian ministry in a holistic way by ministering to the WHOLE person with the WHOLE Gospel. 


The vision of Life Builders Ministries International is to see a truly transformed African society where people are freed from the scourge of AIDS, poverty and other socio-economic challenges, through the ministry of the church. 

The goal of every Christian ministry is to help people develop their full potential in all four areas of development: physical, spiritual, intellectual and relational. As stated in Luke 4:52, Jesus grew (developed) in wisdom (intellectual), and in stature (physical), and in favor (relational) with men and with God (spiritual).

Just as Nehemiah received the call or vision to build the wall of Jerusalem in his time (Nehemiah 1-2), we have been called by God to help build lives that have been ruined by sin and societal evils (HIV/AIDS, Poverty, etc), all for the glory of God!