About Life Builders

A Bold Plan

  • Started in 2001 with a successful track record of helping over 100 poverty stricken families to get low-income housing in Lagos
  • About 85 people including widows are already benefiting from our low income revolving loan scheme
  • Over 125 orphans and vulnerable children are currently receiving sponsorship through our home based orphanage program, which could expand to 500 or more
  • Publishing research findings on HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Conducting conferences all over the country on how to respond to the AIDS crisis
  • Fighting poverty in Africa through your empowerment and entrepreneurship by providing training programs
  • Many youth have been helped to start small-scale businesses
  • Connecting those who are willing to help with those who are in need of help 

We have built a well equipped hospital in rural Lagos which serves a community of 35,000 people.  Several lives have been saved through the devices of the hospital staff, mostly people who do not have access to nor could afford quality health care.

Life Builders Academy opened it doors in 2015 and now has over 200 students enrolled from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Currently 20% of these students are orphans supported by our ministry and attend school without fees.  Our goal is to increase our census to 50% orphans and 50% paying students (which is needed to run the academy). 

By harnessing the resources and talents of Christian leaders, Christians and their churches within Nigeria, Life Builders Ministries has achieved two goals set 10 years ago — 1.) to address the crisis of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria and 2.) to improve the HIV/AIDS education of the general public. In 2008, we held the largest church leaders conference on HIV/AIDS where over 1200 key church leaders gathered for 3 days to deal with the challenge we were facing.  Today, the infection rate in NIgeria has reduced drastically and the lives of PLWA has improved significantly.  God continues to  use Life Builders to change the orientation of church leaders who were at the center of the spread of the epidemic.  It is our belief that if the three important segments of the African society: the Religious, Governmental, and Private sectors, would work harmoniously, we can STOP the further spread of this NUMBER ONE KILLER in Africa.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: Both as individuals and as an organization, we strongly encourage authentic and practical openness, fairness, and sincerity in the way we serve and relate to one another. We must show prudence in the way we handle God's resources.
  • God Centered Ministry: In Life Builders, we do everything to glorify God and for His sake. Ministry is not about us or our selfish goals; it is about God and His love for humanity. Whatever we do must bring glory and honor to Him who has called us to His service.
  • Community: Board members, leaders and staff are treated as members of the same family. We are a community of like-minded people. The essence of this is to support one another and complement each other in our service to God and humans.
  • Respect for one another: Every human being is God's image bearer and must be respected and treated as such. The people we serve deserve our respect and honor.
  • Excellence: As a Christian NGO, both Board members and staff, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence in service, all to the glory of God.
  • Accountability: We strongly believe in mutual accountability. We must be accountable first to God who sees all things and second to fellow ministers and humans who see certain things.
  • Partnership: The work of the ministry is not what an individual organization or ministry can do alone; we must partner with each other. Partnership is God's way of doing things: He demonstrated this through creation order and in His redemptive plan and action. We value partnership with other existing organizations within Nigeria and in North America to achieve God's purpose for the people we serve.

Our Biblical Foundation

The vision of Life Builders Ministries International is to glorify God by helping people develop their full potential in soul, spirit and body. According to Luke 4:52, "Jesus grew (developed) in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with men and with God." Experiencing the fulfillment of God's purpose for one's life is also exemplified in the life of Nehemiah when he was called to build the wall of Jerusalem as recorded in Nehemiah 2:17-18. We are called to build lives that have been ruined, all for the glory of God.

Based on our vision, we exist to be God's servant in holistic transformation of people whose lives are being afflicted with sin, sickness and poverty. Our mission is to glorify God by helping people achieve their full potential through the gospel. We do this by proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom and engaging in good works that declare the good news. Our immediate focus is prevention and care for those infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. Specifically, Life Builders operates in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention and care; provision of health services; non-formal and formal education; ministry/care for the orphans and vulnerable children, and promotion of enhanced human holistic development.

Our Name

Life: We value life as a gift from God; it originates from God. He is the giver of life (Genesis 1:26). The life that God has made available to all humans is not just the physical well being of people; it is life in abundance: spiritually, socially and physically (John 10:10). We are called to cherish the gift of life, and the greatest gift from God to all humans is Eternal Life through His Son.

Builders: This life has been misconstrued by many to mean just good life - enjoyment and fun, or wealth and riches and so on. Even with that, many people in Africa do not have access to basic necessities of life such as food, shelter and good health. Many lives have been ruined by sin, poverty, sickness and other problems created by humans or by nature. Our goal is to be Jesus' hands and feet by helping to build those lives to the glory of God. We are builders with God! Our primary focus is to help build the lives that have been devastated by HIV and AIDS and poverty.

Ministry: Our goal is to minister, meaning to serve people and not to be their master. We are servants and messengers of Christ (1 Corinthians 4:1-2). Ministry is about meeting needs and helping people realize God's purposes for their lives. We have come to serve and not to be served. The Gospel of redemption is our message and the world is our parish.

International: We are locally based but are globally connected. As we minister locally, we think globally. Life Builders has a growing number of International partners who shared the same vision of helping people experience the abundant life that Christ has provided for them in this world (John 10:10). We have leaders of high integrity both on our Board in Africa as well as in North America.


About the Organization

Life Builders Ministries International is fully incorporated in the United States of America and is recognized as a 501c3 by the IRS. In Nigeria, we are incorporated by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) as a non-profit faith-based NGO, with a functioning board of directors comprised of respected African church leaders.